Learn a new way of life at our Orange County Limitless Journey sober living home.


Our Orange County sober living residence provides a highly structured environment for both women and the LGBTQ community.


We don't just want you sober. We want to see you thrive. We help our guests navigate education, employment, and family relationships during and after recovery.



Every member of management is successful in recovery themselves. We've walked in your shoes. Let us show you the way!


Daily structure includes waking up early, working or going to school, home/cleaning responsibilities, live-in house managers/mentors, goal setting and follow up, daily AA/NA/CA meetings, weekly unity meeting, and regular random drug testing.  Our program also includes weekly family updates, sponsorship recommendations, and court advocacy.

At Limitless Journey, we provide mattresses and bedding for all residents at our country club style sober living home in Laguna Hills, California.  The sober living residence comes equipped with wireless internet and HDTV, laundry facilities, an in-house computer for job search and school use, and a gym!!! Our house provides bedding and housewares needed for a comfortable stay.


Success Stories


I had just come out of a residential treatment program that was extremely intense and structured. The limitless recovery home was the perfect house to go into upon leaving treatment. I was surrounded by like-minded people that were focused on self improvement and bettering themselves. Living at limitless taught me the importance of structure, living a balanced life, and working on my recovery daily. I will be forever grateful for Pej for allowing me to live at the limitless house. Everything that I used to pray for is a reality today. This house taught me that I must put my recovery first so that everything I love in life doesn't have to come last.



Eric Gruber