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The Best Sober Living in Orange County


Daily structure includes waking up early, working or going to school, home/cleaning responsibilities, on-site 24/7 house managers/mentors, goal setting and follow up, daily AA/NA/CA meetings, weekly unity meeting, and regular random drug testing.  Our program also includes weekly family updates, sponsorship recommendations, and court advocacy.


At Limitless, we provide mattresses and bedding for all residents at our country club style sober living home in Laguna Hills, California. The sober living residence comes equipped with wireless internet and HDTV, laundry facilities, an in-house computer for job search and school use, and a gym!!! Our house provides bedding and housewares needed for a comfortable stay.


Limitless is a structured sober living with an strong understanding of the lifestyle required to maintain a healthy, long-term, successful and sober life. We have created an environment that operates much like a family unit, we hold each-other accountable and build each-other up. Our team is comprised of men and women heavily involved in the recovery community. We live and breathe recovery aiming to provide a sober and supportive environment for our house members and their families.

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